Cindy Barber

Purdue Extension Educator, Daviess County, Community Development

812-254-1060 ext. 279
Daviess County
Cindy Barber

Cindy Barber is an Associate Educator in Community Development for Purdue Extension, joining the staff in 2012. Her career with Purdue Extension began in 2006 when she was hired as the Learning Network Coordinator in Daviess County. She served as Vice Chairman and Chairman for the Community Development section of the Indiana Extension Educators Association and the Purdue Extension National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Affiliate.

Cindy’s commitment to building strong, vibrant communities in Indiana is evident through her work in community leadership development. Holding a B.A. in Human Development from the University of Kansas, her passion for leadership development led her to pursue graduate studies in Management and Leadership. In addition to community leadership, she is dedicated to engaging communities in place making, workforce development, local government and civic engagement programming.