Recent News

Leadership Vigo County launched its inaugural class with 10 participants on August 25 at the West Vigo Library. The sessions are all hosted by Kristi Whitacre, Vigo County Community Development Educator. The first session was facilitated by Kristi and Heather Strohm, Regional Educator. Participants learned key characteristics of effective leaders and defined what community leadership means. They also learned some great Vigo County history through a timeline activity.

Leadership Vigo County completed its second session on September 14 at the Terre Haute Regional Airport. Only three of the class participants had ever been to the airport so it was a great opportunity to learn more about a vital community Resource. Lori Bouslog, Sullivan County, facilitated the session. The class members completed Myers-Briggs assessment and learned how their individual personality types affect their leadership styles.

The Leadership program consists of 11, four-hour sessions spread over the course of six months, with an optional one-day trip to the Indiana Statehouse. The program is geared towards individuals who want to make a difference in their communities. They learn about their own leadership abilities, the county, current community issues and how to get involved and become leaders in their communities.

The program was originally developed by Dr. Janet Ayres, recently retired from the Department of Agriculture Economics, Purdue University, with the intent that it complement the existing community leadership programs in Indiana and foster new leadership development programs in communities where none exist.