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Posted on February 6th, 2017 in Community Leadership Development

Purdue Extension’s Community Leadership Program offers participants the opportunity to make a difference in their home towns by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to serve in leadership roles.  As a Regional Educator in Community Development, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the program in several ways, including serving as the facilitator for a session entitled “Serving on Nonprofit Boards.”

The three-hour session draws heavily upon the experiences of the participants, who are encouraged to share their thoughts on what makes boards effective, how to lead meetings and what the responsibilities of a board member should be.  One activity involves trying to match mission statements with the local organizations to which they belong.  Other parts of the session help members of the group better understand the various stages of the board development cycle, such as recruitment, orientation, engagement and evaluation.

Program attendees often share that a highlight of the session is learning about, and being given the chance to practice, facilitative techniques that can be used in meetings to encourage more board members to engage in discussions.  Program participants also appreciate learning new ways to design agendas so that meetings are more efficient and productive.

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Steve Yoder is a Regional Educator in Community Development who enjoys facilitating the “Serving on Nonprofit Boards” session for Community Leadership programs across Indiana.