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Posted on May 22nd, 2015 in Professional Conference

Purdue Extension and PCRD Team Members attended the 2015 National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals Annual Meeting this past week, May 17-20.

Purdue Extension Community Development Program Leader Bo Beaulieu was accompanied by a team of colleagues to attend and participate in the 2015 NACDEP Annual Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. Floyd County ANR/CD Educator Gina Anderson presented her academic poster, “The Many Uses of Green Spaces: A Three‐hour Seminar for Homebuilders and Government,” which she co-authored with Regional Educator Steve Yoder. Assistant Program Leader Michael Wilcox joined Beaulieu to present two selected papers, “Data for Decisionmakers: Transforming Local ‐ Regional Economies” and “Informing the Strategic Priorities of Extension: A Community Engagement Strategy.” Beaulieu also co-presented “Greater Peoria Regional Data Center” with Kathie Brown from the University of Illinois Extension.

Regional Educator Tamara Ogle presented “Local Government Finance Education in Indiana,” which she co-authored with Purdue Agricultural Economics Professor Larry DeBoer. PCRD Community and Regional Development Associate Carolyn Hatch presented “Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development in Rural Communities in the Great Plains” with co-authors Carroll Welte and Cheryl Burkhart‐Kriesel (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) as well as Kenneth Sherin (South Dakota State University).

If you are interested in receiving copies of any of the above presentations, please email Michael Wilcox (