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Seymour’s HCI Coordinating Team is heavily engaged with Vision 2025 in planning and launching their Local Food Summit that will take place February 24. Seymour began the HCI process in early 2015. Early on, the HCI team members had a strong feeling they would pursue an area that focused around Quality of Place. Through the learning foundation phase and the building block phase, the HCI Seymour team members discovered a passion for local foods among the group, Vision 2025 and the local community members of Seymour. As decisions were made, it was determined they would pursue local foods as their focal point with the long-term goal of having a sustainable farmers market that would prove to be a destination for the region year-round.

The Local Food Summit is scheduled for February 24, and the purpose is to attract producers and consumers interested in increasing the availability of local food in the Seymour community. HCI Seymour is inviting the public to bring their thoughts and experiences to share with others and discuss how to advance a local food system in Seymour. The desired audience includes but isn’t limited to the following: growers, farmers, food producers, grocers, restaurants, chefs, food service directors, community leaders, health organizations, entrepreneurs and food consumers.

The impact of a local food movement is to create jobs, expand economic opportunities/development and offer greater agricultural impact in the area. Guest speakers at the Local Food Summit include Ken Meter, the State of our Local Food Economy; Emily Toner, Food Councils: Why and How to Begin; Dr. Steven Windley, Eating for Better Health; and discussions groups led by Jodee Ellett on Farmers Markets and Local Foods.

The cost to attend the forum is $10 and includes lunch.

To learn more and register for the forum, visit the Purdue Extension event page.

To learn more about local food summits and how Purdue can help you plan a strategic event for your community, visit the Purdue Extension local food page.